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Wendy is a hardworking House-helper who actually enjoys cleaning and has high standards for the work she does. She is essentially a kind and considerate person, prepared to take extra trouble to be helpful.


FM Inverness

I find Ewa to be punctual, self motivated, thorough, cheery and works well.


Ewa is everything I would hope for in a House-helper.


CD Inverness

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the smooth operation of my cleaning over the past few years.

I have had occasion to recommend SelClene Highland to others seeking cleaning services and will be happy to continue to do so based on my experience.

Should my circumstances change again then SelClene Highland will be my first point of contact. Best Regards,

MM - Inverness

Lianne has been a great worker for me, no problems at all. She is a lovely girl and always does a great job, and you can tell she takes great pride in her work. I am very happy with her.


GD Inverness

SelClene Highland - Good service.  


JMc Inverness .

Definitely recommend SelClene Highland -  a superb service.


EM – Inverness

Yes I already do recommend SelClene Highland, see D Mc Inverness (sister-in-law).


MMc – Inverness

I was spoiled by the efficiency and adaptability of my first and only house-helper sourced through SelClene Highland so am unable to compare

so far..

DMc – Inverness

 I always recommend SelClene Highland.


VW – Inverness.


If asked I would recommend SelClene Highland.


LL – Inverness

Andrea was an excellent worker and a delight to deal with. We have nothing but praise for her attitude, competence and reliability and we would recommend her to any prospective employer


NMc - Inverness.

It's good to have a service like SelClene Highland, which can be relied upon to do all the work finding a cleaner.


JM – Dingwall

Yes I would be agreeable to recommending SelClene Highland.


AMc – Inverness

We would most certainly recommend SelClene Highland, and thanks for Calendar & Wash cloths etc.


LP- Inverness.

Yes I am agreeable to recommending ‘SelClene’ HIGHLAND


BC -Ardersier

With reference to the 2nd paragraph of your letter, I want to confirm that the cancelation of my membership has absolutely nothing to do with dissatisfaction of the service and wholly to do with the fact that I am retiring at the end of next month and will have more time to look after the house myself than I have had for many years. I have always been very satisfied with your service and the ladies who have come to clean for me through your Agency. I will retain your correspondence for future reference in case I do change my mind at a later stage. With many thanks for your assistance.


IG - Inverness