SelClene Highland House-helpers: Friendly house cleaners for Your home

Welcome to SelClene Highland. Ask for your FREE quote and claim 25% discount off your first couple of cleans when you choose us to help you.

What we do at SelClene Highland.

Good, dependable cleaners are not easy to find., as you'll no doubt have found before visiting the SelClene Highland website.


 Our experience is not only in identifying and vetting  our workers, but also in training them to work efficiently, so as to deliver a top quality of service and value for money.


SelClene Nationally has over 10,000 regular clients. See main site by clicking here.


Clients come to SelClene Highland for their household cleaning services because we do our utmost to provide exactly what they require.


(1) People they can trust.


(2) A team of well organized management, essential to providing continuous service.


(3) Fine Cleaners - House-helpers who get the job done, and do it well, with a friendly disposition


(4) A fast response to clients needs and an emphasis on personal contact should things go wrong.


Over the years SelClene clients have provided Thousands of references, which are kept on file. You can read a typical selection of local Highland refs by clicking here .


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We'll be delighted to answer all queries to the best of our ability.



Are you feeling very weary

With all your household chores?

Are you working all your free time

When you could be outdoors?


Relax – Relax ---R-E-L-A-X


Just call ‘SelClene’(HIGHLAND)

To put us to the test

We’ll provide you with a worker

Who will be one of the VERY BEST.


‘SelClene’(HIGHLAND) Househelpers


Tel. 01463 231596